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..mama, artist, real big feelings feeler, certified sexual health educator and birth doula with a passion for long baths, strong margaritas, painting the dining room pink while my husband is on tour, and all things old-school. My vibe is very grandma meets cool auntie slash community art teacher.

I'm Courtney...





*with a touch of quirk

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Forget what you think you know about wedding films

We’re anti-wedding videography for the anti-wedding videography folk. 

Hand on heart, we vow to make your videos look and feel exactly how your wedding day looked and felt IRL (with the nostalgia and flair of those hand-labeled VHS tapes you find buried at your parents’ house in boxes).


If you’re reading this, we’re so relieved you found us. 

If you’re reading this, we’re so relieved you found us. 

We think you’re going to like it here.

Why choose Us?

If you’ve completely written off wedding videography because it all looks the same, I get it. But if you’re here, you’ve found your match. remember that 2000s movie classic about a man and his volleyball? Well, we're your one-of-a-kind, deserted island, lost-all-hope kind of perfect match.

Not only do we capture footage in HD, but we also capture footage with “vintage” camcorders from the 90s, and a Super 8 film camera from the 50s.

Not only do we capture footage in HD, but we also capture footage with “vintage” camcorders from the 90s, and a Super 8 film camera from the 60s.

Our videos are timeless and will tell the real story of your day 

We’re in it for the moments, never the perfection. Life is messy, and sometimes you forget to bring the wedding rings to the ceremony, and that’s okay. Sometimes your boob falls out during your first dance and that’s ALSO okay. We want to tell the story that includes all of the pieces of your day, not just the ones we can edit in slow motion for the ‘gram.

in a way that will easily live on til we’re dust and your great-grandchildren are watching it in a community ship on Mars, pining after all the fresh outdoor air and lake water they never got to pee in.


Why choose Us?

Choosing Courtney as our videographer is one of the best choices we made when preparing for our wedding. She goes above and beyond to build a relationship, get to know the couple, make them feel comfortable and have a great time. She captured the big and small moments that make our day special. When watching our videos we are transported back to our day in a way that is indescribable. Even the little, special moments that we forgot even happened were captured and that makes these videos and moments tangible and priceless. If you are looking for an authentic, timeless, unique and fun videographer and kick a$$ friend, BOOK COURTNEY ASAP! 

- Natalie and Dustin


If you are on the fence about getting a videographer like we were, just take a look at Courtney's work.My husband and I both love watching old time family videos because it brings us so much joy and laughter. With Courtney's mixture of the classic type filming it makes us picture our lives years down the road when we will be showing our video to our children and their children.Courtney has such a comfortable and calming demeanor which is exactly what we needed on our big day. Please do yourself a favor and hire Courtney, you will seriously not regret it - you'll thank me later :)  

- Brandee + Chris


Courtney is not your average wedding videographer! Her work is incredible and truly captures "your days' vibe" unlike others out there! She creates something that is special and unique to you. She is a lovely human and a joy to spend your wedding day with. My husband and I felt awkward about being filmed, but after 5 minutes of her being there, she just blends right in and makes you feel totally comfortable. If you want a video that isn't just venue aerials and corny music she is your GAL - her work speaks for itself!

- Nicole + Joe


Courtney is the absolute best. At the beginning of wedding planning, I was unsure whether or not I wanted a videographer for my wedding day. But once I came across Courtney’s work, I knew I needed to book her, and we’re SO glad we did. She was great to work with and delivered an AMAZING and unique wedding film. She captured the day perfectly and made it so “us.” Thanks again, Courtney. Brb, going to watch my wedding film for the hundredth time this week :)

- Carlie + Dylan